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Friday, March 22, 2013

When I'm Wrong... I'm Wrong

I'll make this quick, nothing too fancy, as I have to dig and plant again, in this scorching summer heat. Last August 2011, I wrote about sites or blogs that have the most potential that are being sold on

By "Most Potential" I mean, websites that could earn money online.

One of those was a site called

I went over the most important data of all and there you have it, "kaput".

So what happened, what about the rosy projections and the high amount of traffic?

I'm guessing, they're mostly baloney.

I'm guessing that most webstats are inconsequential and are not directly correlated to making money.

For all intents and purposes, buying and selling websites, is mostly profitable for the:
  • Seller
  • Broker
The buyer has his odds stacked against him and that's that. Sad story, move along. Nevermind the self proclaimed experts and social media princes, kings and queens. 

That's why I'm going back to the basics of civilization as I myself have had enough of this online hype that keeps on blubbering about 'this stat' or 'this metric'. 

What basic part of civilization am I yammering about? 


And right now, looking back at the things I wrote, I feel tremendously stupid, wanting to be like John Chow or any other of those online marketers and blog sellers sh!t. 

The thing is, common sense prevails, if a site is not selling anything - it's not selling anything. Forget about claims to make money or claims for the potential to make money - let's talk about the "actuality". 

The actual and most valuable truth in any online claim, is the very obvious proof that a website is making money.  

What site is making tremendous amounts of money? 

For one, is making a boat load of it. How do I know? I just paid for an ad over there for our Paranaque Commercial Space for Lease.

It cost me just about $12 for one month of prioritized advertising.

So far, I've gotten over 20 inquiries and some leads.

I also see hundreds more doing the same thing as I on, paying for advertising.

Now, how do I know that is making an aircraft carrier full of money?

Well, for one, they are giving buckets of it away regularly.


See who won the car

So yeah, that's a website you're going to want to purchase.

But wait, that was yesteryear's news.

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