When a Person Starts Blogging

It took me 1 hour and 35 minutes to upload this
For most people, blogging starts with strong emotions. Unless of course, you are somewhat deceived into thinking that there's big money to be made in blogging. Therein, you start with an empty soul and an empty heart with nothing but $$$ floating around your head.

I started blogging out of hopelessness, helplessness and that Heideggerian dread. It was during a time of uncertainty, I was a young father with two kids and I was afraid. I needed to get started with something, anything, I needed to start somewhere so I started with blogging.

Looking back to my first post, I saw that I used to name this blog "The Jolly Penguin". Laugh if you must, I certainly find mild humor in it. And for reasons I've already pointed out years before, I just chose "dannybuntu". It was easy to remember and back then, everybody thought that Ubuntu the operating system was going to change the world. Linux and open source software was going to revolutionize everything that we do...

And yes this is a filler post. I just needed to upload that picture above for some custom HTML for the bot. Picasa or my slow Slow Globe Wimax Internet Connection is making me have those strong emotions again...

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